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Ultra-Luxurious Music Festival Faces 8 Lawsuits

Patrons attending the inaugural weekend of Fyre Festival were extremely disappointed to find an experience much different than they were expecting. An epic, high-profile VIP event went very wrong after poor planning and disorganization plagued the event created by Ja Rule and entrepreneur, Billy McFarland. After celebrities and influencers were paid to advertise on their Instagram accounts promoting the festival, thousands of unsuspecting consumers bought into the event, with ticket prices ranging from $400 to $12,000 for VIP and with added expenses, others spent upwards of $100k.

Guests were to arrive at the Miami airport where they could be flown by VIP private jets to a private island in the Bahamas where the event was to be held. The event was to be catered by an upscale, gourmet caterer, guests were to stay in luxury huts and talent was aligned to perform.

Upon arrival to the Miami airport, most people traveling to the event were surprised to find cancelled flights due to the postponement of the event following a disastrous first day. Those at the airport were forced to pay for flights home out of pocket, and those sent to the island were exposed to lack of adequate resources, including food and water, and medical teams which had not arrived. There was no plane in case of emergency to transport a concert-goer out of the island if needed.

The festival-goers are now calling the event a scam. Eight lawsuits have been filed against the owners on accounts of fraud and misrepresentation so far. Some of those in attendance have since taken to social media, slamming the event, and were met with cease-and-desist letters sent by attorneys representing the festival.

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