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Bose Accused of Spying on Customers

  ♦  A class-action lawsuit has been filed against headphone company Bose claiming that their Bose Connect app has been collecting and distributing customers’ data without their knowledge. According to the suit, the app does more than just connect the popular headphones to their music–it also allows access to the user’s complete listening history to third-party data mining companies.
  ♦  The lawsuit argues that a person’s identifying information could be revealed from listening history, such as their religious preferences or sexual orientation. They claim that data collection is a violation to user privacy and that Bose has broken federal and state laws such as the Federal Wiretap Act, the Illinois Eavesdropping Statute, and consumer fraud laws.
  ♦  This case is the most recent in a string of data-mining lawsuits as an increasing amount of companies have access to personal consumer data through various platforms. In January, Google was sued by the Mississippi Attorney General over the collection of search information of students.
  ♦  Attorney Chris Dore, who represents the foremost plaintiff Kyle Zak, claims that corporate mining of consumer data can be exploited given that users often unknowingly agree to fine print that allows companies to share their information. “Data collection is a relative black hole at this point,” says Dore. “Once you lose control of it, it can go to ten more companies and you won’t know.”