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Coca-Cola Lawsuit Claims Company has Deceived Consumers

Sugary sweets and beverages can be delicious, but sometimes too much can be a bad thing. It is important for one to know the health risks when consuming high sugary treats and beverages. Consumers rely on companies selling said products to report the truth. However, that is not always the case with many, such as Coca-Cola.

A recent lawsuit claims that the company spent billions of dollars on misleading promotions and advertisements to mislead consumers. It also claims that it has funded research to mislead customers about the dangers of sugary beverages.

The lawsuit was filed on Wednesday by a consumer advocacy group named, Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI).

Coca-Cola stated that the lawsuit is “meritless.” The company argues it takes the consumers and their health seriously. It also stated that it has work to improve the nutrition of the product.

CSPI is demanding that Coca-Cola disclose files on health in regards to consumption of the sugar-sweetened drinks, fund a public health education campaign, and end “misleading” advertising.

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