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Kandoo® Flushable Wipes Class Action Settlement

A Lawsuit was filed in 2014 by the San Francisco a law firm, claiming that the wipes in question should not have been labeled “flushable” or as “sewer and specific safe.” The lawsuit likewise, claims that the wipes do not dissolve quickly enough. Therefore, the wipes are not suitable for flushing, since it can cause “clog toilets, drainlines, sewer pipes, and sewage treatment facilities.”

The manufactures of the wipes denied claims and believed the wipes are suitable for flushing.

Settlement issued makes it possible for customers to make claims for refunds of $1 per package purchases and up to $50 per household or business. No proof is required to refund up to 10 packages. However, if looking to receive refund of more the 10 packages, proof of purchase will be required.

Claims can be made up until March 1, 2017

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