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Skier Sues “Negligent” Snowboarder

A woman from California sued a snowboarder who collided with her on Jan. 17 at Vail Ski Resort in the Denver U.S. District Court last Thursday.
Hsu Chiang Chou was skiing on the Star trail, an intermediate run on Vail Mountain, when she was struck from behind by a snowboarding Philip Moroco II. The incident was witnessed by Chou’s husband, Chongping Chou, who was skiing behind her.
The accident caused severe injuries to Hsu Choud, including clavicle and rib fractures. According to the lawsuit, Chou is seeking both economic and non-economic damages and attorneys fees, totaling over $75,000.
The suit claims that the reason for the crash was Moroco’s negligence, and “as the uphill and overtaking skier, [he] had the primary duty to avoid skiers below.”